Morning Routine

Every night is different. some are relatively quiet until dawn and some are an on-going cacaphony of dogs howling and fighting, yelping and whining. this can go on all night up and down the valley, depending on – who knows???

our room has a window facing the east and the mountains, so around 6:30 am the sky begins to lighten and at 7:15 the sunlight blasts through our curtains as it comes over the mountains. it is brilliant, blinding and beautiful. i sometimes can turn over and go back to sleep but often it starts a time of stretching and yawning and looking at the spectacular view out our window – the range of himalayan foothills (12-15,000 feet) the deep blue sky and the cool morning air. there is no heat in the rooms so we adjust our clothing according to what is going on outside.

when i use the bathroom I turn on the heat pump which takes about 15 minutes to heat up a 20 gallon tank that we use for our showers. then I slip back into bed and enjoy the view some  more. joseph gets up has a shower and heads upstairs to the roof cafe where we have our breakfast. since we figured out – through experience – that it takes about 30-40 minutes to make our breakfast, we now have a ritual where I tell Jospeh what I want and he places the order for both of us when he gets to the roof. then i have about 30 minutes to rise, shower and leisurely make my way upstairs. the sun is really bright up there and easy for us to burn, so believe it or not, we sit with our backs to the mountains! we chat with whoever is up there and have made a few friends from around the world.

we watch the eagles and hawks fly right in front of our railing as they cruise the valley, seeing their wings and feather patterns at close range. we watch the shepherds bring their flocks across the valley, the village people moving hay and fodder from one steep slope to another and see people coming and going to the various shrines and temples sprinkled across the landscape.

we usually stay on the roof til almost 10 am and then talk about what it is we will do for the day. not more than 2 things per day.

our days are shanti shanti (peace)

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