Life in Kochi

After a whirlwind visit in Jaipur we flew to Cochin which is another place we visited last time and enjoyed immensely. it is a small town on the coast of the Arabian Sea on the southwest side of the tip of India. it is in the state of Kerala which has the longest democratically elected communist government in the world. the education level is the highest in India and they are a very prosperous and hard working people – Malayatam.

we are staying with the same family as last time and they are delighted to meet David and Kelley. we have a suite of rooms in the upstairs of their home, which includes 2 bedrooms (each with its own bathroom – flush toilets and shower!) and large sitting/dining room and a kitchen. their home is on a small piece of land with coconut trees, palms, papayas (not ripe now), mango tree (not ripe now) and lots of tropical plants. Usha, her husband, 2 university age daughters and mother-in-law live here.


a beautiful offering in one of our favorite places to eat.

this morning Usha treated us to a Kerala breakfast: appam ( a thin pancake made from rice flour with coconut) a bowl of curry (tumeric, chili peppers, onions) and fresh pineapple.


the second day we headed to a beach we have enjoyed in the past. we packed some fruit and samosas and water and took a small ferry to Vypend Island (about 10 minutes away) this little ferry holds about 6-8 cars, a hundred motorcycles and as many people as can fit in all around all this. we stand on the deck  and even the loading ramp, which is not lifted when we depart –  has bikes and people standing on it.

anyway – off the ferry and onto a local bus for a 45 minute ride up the island, through little villages and over canals. it is very relaxing – no mountains to worry about tumbling off!

then we get off the bus and grab a autorickshaw for a 10 minute putt-putt to the beach. there are a few small shops, a couple of snack stands, a couple of hotels and that’s about it as far as civilization goes. otherwise it is a sandy beach that goes as far as the eye can see in both directions. the water is very warm and Kelley and I swim in our clothes as showing alot of skin would be disrespectful of our hosts. no problem though – we stay in the water for about 4 hours, interspersed with occasions flops on the towel and fill ups of water and fruit. we leave the beach – sandy wet and sunburned.


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