What rupees will buy

50 Rupees ($1.)

a 20 minute rickshaw ride – that would take us anywhere we want to go around here

a large glass of soda water with fresh lime, an ayurvedic additive and ice cubes(!) made with filtered water

a bag of cookies

an unbelievably delicious pineapple

15 sweet bananas

3 parrotas (chapati-like flat bread, but way yummier)


5 or less Rupees (10 cents)

ticket for a 20 minutes ferry ride to the next island

ticket for a ferry to the larger city of Ernakulum

bus ticket to anywhere within 10 miles

traditional kerala breakfast (idlies, puttu, sambar and chai)


100 Rupees ($2.)

cheese omelette, toast, fresh fruit (papaya, pineapple, watermelon, and banana), masala chai

simple cotton pants

cotton shawl

2 hours of time on the internet


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