Eating and Walking in Kochi

we have been here 2 weeks now and have settled into a great routine that gets slower by the hour. We go out and have some brekfast, do stuff around town, head back to our rooms for a siesta in the hottest part of the day and then go out around 5 pm and stroll back downtown for dinner, a walk on the seawall, come back and relax, read or play games until bedtime.

Joseph remarked that we have probably been gone for about a month now (we left Courtenay on Oct 26) and I had to break the news to him that it was already December……

David and Kelley are not vegetarians and have been eagerly awaiting the coast so they could enjoy some fresh sea food. last night Kelley went to the shore where the fishermen bring in their daily catch, and bought 2 kilos of huge prawns for about $3.  oh – they stuffed themselves!

the eating on the coast is fabulous – even for us vegetarians. the fruit is sweet, naturally ripe, juicy and different. we have found our 2 favorite kinds of bananas  (out of the 4 or 5 varieties available), eat a pineapple a day (no sore mouth from whatever it is ‘they’ do to the pineapples we end up with in Canada), coconuts both young and ripe, amazing oranges, and a couple of new fruits that i cannot remember the names of. fresh cashews (not roasted or salted) fresh peanuts – yum!  well – i see it is lunchtime, so enough for today – i’m off to enjoy another amazing delicious fresh meal……….

one of our favorite meals is called thali. it means ‘plate’ which usually means a banana leaf as seen below. first you wash your hands. then you get a banana leaf. men circulate with small or large pots of rice, 10 different kinds of curries, coconut chutneys, mango pickle, papads, sweets etc. and using their ladles, keep putting stuff on your leaf until you say: enough!

with your right hand you mix a little of each ‘dish’ with some rice and stick it in your mouth. you can see David expertly doing this below….

Cochin is situated right where a lagoon/lake meets the Arabian Sea. the lake goes back miles into the interior and parallel to the coast. the tides sweeep in and out since we are at the ‘mouth’ . there are many fishermen working this body of water and there are using this style of net fishing which was brought here by the Chinese centuries ago. since this a popular place to walk for tourists (Indian and non-Indian) there are also many people selling all kinds of things: bracelets, fruit, fish, kites etc. the following pics are scenes along the ocean shore and walkway.

Below is mainstreet Kochi – you can see one of the magnificent trees in the background. these enormous trees grow just inland from the shore and and some scattered throughout the town where the parks have left room for them.

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