Off to the the Bengal Sea


We reluctantly left Amma’s on Dec 20th and took an overnight train to Pondicherry on the southeast coast of India.

we were fortunate to have booked our room back in August at the same place we were before as it is not expensive, very clean and a part of another ashram – the one started by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother in the mid 1900s. We will be here for 3 weeks.

Our room faces the sea – the only thing between it and us is the meditation garden and a huge boulder wall/protection that was put in place after the tsunami in 2004. the crash of the waves is our constant companion – one which i like very much.

David and Kelley are living in a little bungalow in Auroville which is an international community started by the Mother in the 60’s in an effort to see what is needed to bring people of the world together to live in peace and harmony. it has flourished and has added many benefits to the area such as reforestation, schools, ecological projects, garbage and recycling initiatives, and preservation of the local arts, music and languages.

David and Kelley have found 2 places to volunteer. the one where they will spend most of their time is a Bamboo Research and Production Co-op. they make furniture, clothing, jewelery and more and need help in all areas. the funds raised from the sales go towards a local childrens’ camp in the summer and a weekly Childrens’ Day which gives about 50-60 kids the opportunity to learn their tribal and traditional arts, music language and just to play – which children often do not have the opportunity to do. we often see young children sitting on the ground with a stick or leaves, playing by themselves. David and Kelley are looking into importing some of these products to Canada and selling them at craft fairs – letting people know where the funds are going.

For Joseph and I – these 3 weeks are an opportunity to study. Joseph has done extensive research and reading on the writings and thoughts of Sri Aurobindo so is very happy to be at the source of all the writings.

today is Dec 24th so David and Kelley are coming into ‘town’ on their rented motorbike and we will spent the weekend together.


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