Salt Water

He was working closely, hands following the outline of the edge he was cutting, hands well
practiced. This was only a recently begun part of the work and he approached it with optimism. He
recalled, as he worked, the hours spent on many of the other areas and the fondness he had attached
to each. The most recent he had named Faith and each attempt had been charged with energy. This
new place, though only poorly started, he had decided to name Hope, and worked his hands and the
tools rhythmically as he envisioned the break through. It had been a long time.

Of a sudden, a piece broke off and flew up into his face, hitting a muscle and the eye flew open!
What flash of light! What explosive move from darkeness to light! The second eye followed
sympathetically and the revelation was complete.

Before him was a vista of life and nature, rich with trees, flowers,winds,water, other living
creatures. Though he looked all around himself he could no longer find his tools nor the
workspace, Faith. The air was fresh and bright. A gold globe of  light and warmth reached into him charging up his spirit.
Swet scents and sounds flooded his senses. He folded his hands giving thanks.

To his left he was startled so see another person sitting beside him, quietly
looking out into the living world before him. And on the far side of the sitting man was another
person, huddled down and mumbling, not looking out into the world.

The quiet man spoke. “It is good to finally see you. I had suspected there was someone there all
along though I was not able to see you. I could follow the patterns in the view where the
clearness was disrupted, each holding place for many months before moving on to another spot and
beginning again. I decided you must have a capacity to hide yourself while you worked and that one
day while you rested I might more clearly see you.”

“It seems I have been with my eyes closed all this time and failed to see all the beauty before
while I worked to dig through from that dark cell to light. And who is that one beside you?”

“Ah, a tight and mumbling one, racked by fear and worry. He can look out at this great panorama
but is quick to panic and retreat. I keep him close to me. It comforts him and I can sense the
pain he endures. I can do nothing to change his life but I can acknowledge his plight with

“Have you always been here?” he asked the quiet one.”Always? I cannot say but I am here.”

The three sat quietly watching. He began to make out a vast sea of water spread across the entire
horizon, a backdrop to the natural wonders before them. The air was filled with animal songs and the
winds played the leaves in stocatto rythyms.

Elizabeth looked over her shoulder to check on her parents. They were sitting further up the beach
on blankets, enjoying glasses of wine and munching on sandwiches. She needed to make the best of
the time she had left. Using a small plastic shovel she dug in the sand shaping the Sand Palace
visioned in her mind. Moats, walls, towers, palace and viewing balgony looking out to sea. Not
far in front of her the great ocean lapped up the sand – moving to tickle at the tips of her feet.

The shovel hit something deep in the sand. Dropping the tool she sieved the sand with her fingers and raised up into her hands three small figurines – one quietly sitting, one crouched down and one who seem to be looking earnestly around. With delight, ELizabeth placed the figures on the balcony of the Sand Palace. The waves moved closer.

He could see the waves on the edge of the wide expanse of water. The waves pushed forward with powerful energy and then at the last moment like a leashed animal halted, turned on themselves and went back. The energy atracted him and began to summon his heart. He could smell the salt ands feel the warm spray. He longed to be washed over, the heat from the water invigorating the cold conrners of his body too long lost in darkness, the wave washed closer.

The waves washed up over his legs and body. Retreated. Returned.

Retreated. Returned. Swallowed him up in a warm salty extacy.

“Elizabeth! It’s time!”

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