Mysore Sights

After three months in India there was an earnest search for some gooey chocolatey something!  as you can see by this photo – it has been found! there is a pizza place near our hotel and we just go for dessert. this one is called Chocolate Lava.

another find – ice cold coffee/chocolate drinks……..tum!

David discovered a ‘play park’ just outside Mysore called Planet X.  we went back and – believe it or not – drove go-carts, bowled, played air hockey, played mini-golf and ate! it was kinda strange – we don’t even do this at home! – but lots of fun and certainly a change of pace!

BELOW- this is how we shop for books.  trading, buying and selling on the side of the street.

BELOW – the market where you can find just about anything you might need – vegetables, fruit, bags, sugar (sold in solid blocks, saris, paint, kitchen utensils, knife sharpeners……….)

BELOW – the yellow flowers are marigolds threaded on a string. you buy them by the foot! people are walking around with huge bags of flowers………

BELOW – these are stacks of jaggery (cane sugar).

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