What I Won’t Miss

As we head home I cannot help think of what I am looking forward to and…… what I will miss. Here are some thoughts about what I won’t miss:

* negotiating/bargaining for everything – fruit, rickshaw rides, books, souvenirs, soap, rooms, meals – even money exchange rates!

* walking with total vigilance for anything that might hurt me – uneven paving stones, holes, hanging electric wires, open sewers, cow patties, low hanging rusted metal signs, cows with big horns (i already got struck once), motorcycles (and other moving things) coming the wrong way down a one-way street, uneven steps, wet areas

* the heat and humidity of the coastal south, having 4 or more cold showers a day and having to take a little ‘rest’ in the middle of the day, just to recover from the morning’s outing

*  ordering something for the first time and never knowing what you are really going to get.  I’m not sure where some of the language on the menus comes from – but you would not believe what I have received when I ordered a toasted cheese sandwich!

* getting cold unbuttered  toast 10 minutes before the omelette, getting tea 10 minutes after I finished the cold toast and omelette

* hearing the dogs fighting all night long and seeing the results in the morning

*  washing my clothes in a bucket in the bathroom (they are not looking too good right now!)

* sitting on heavy, wood, un-ergonomic chairs that screech when they are moved across the marble floors

* wet bathroom floors – ever try using a toilet and not let your pants touch the floor?

* the smell when we unknowingly walk down a “it’s OK to pee on the wall” street

* constant honking of everything that has a horn.  ALTHOUGH I see that this is a vital communication link with everything/one on the streets and the flow, and safety of the streets would not be possible without it! (I’m still not going to miss it!)

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