Joseph in India

A man might think he wants to go out into the world and travel around alone, independent. And then he chooses to join his family and spend three months in the daily company of beautiful souls like Vicki, David and Kelley. Laughter, thrills and amazing experiences have filled each moment.  With David and Kelley, we were always able to find the best blend of adventure and peaceful moments.

The life of a “householder” is far more rewarding and instructive than sitting on a cushion in an isolated cave, and the food is better too. Actually the food has been fabulous, from fiery chillies to aromatic woods and nuts. The green pastes, the red pastes, the orange pastes, such color in the recipes.I am already dreaming up new cooking ideas for our guests when we return.

So often I could look over and see the wonderment on your face, unobstructed by concerns, reveling in the beauty around you.

Thank you Vicki for the travel writing on our blog. You captured our spiritual experiences as well as our cultural blunders. The camera may have been the eye but you are the heart of our narrative to our friends.

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